Abundance of produce and goodness

Mixed lettuces (Alder Song Farm)
radishes, rainbow carrots and lettuces (Grampa G's)
cauliflower (Really rev up the flavor by oven roasting cauliflower drizzled with olive oil. Mix in other root veg like carrots, garlic and onions. Here's a link to a great recipe:
fennel (it's gorgeous!)
mushrooms, white

Comice pears are just in. Distinctly squat shape, yellow-green skin may have a red blush on one side of the fruit, where the sun’s rays were most direct. Comice pears have a sweet aroma, to match the sweetness of its flesh. The flesh itself has been called soft and creamy, silky even, with a sweet flavor and “true pear” taste. Comice pears are known for being very juicy.
(Here's a recipe 'Chardonnay Baked Pears with Honey'
Granny Smith apples
bananas, organic

nuts-cashews, walnuts, almonds
dried fruit - raisins, blueberries, cranberries

whole wheat flour, bread flour, turkey red flour (whole wheat white)
black eyed peas
dry beans - many to choose from
green split peas
popcorn - white, yellow and rainbow
oats- regular rolled and thick rolled (steel cut oats coming next Wed.)
buckwheat groats
herbs & spices
spicy pumpkin seed

MN eggs
Dairy - whole, 2% and skim milk, whipping cream, half 'n half, yogurts, cheeses including local goat cheese from Scandia Valley Dairy and Mt. Sterling Creamery, Kalona cottage cheese, shredded mozzarella
Non-dairy - almond milk, hemp milk, coconut-almond milk, coconut milk

frozen goods - veggies, fruit, YUMMY ice cream (Aldeen's Organic-Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean), dough, tofu, fish, bread

Wendel's and Rudi's Gluten free breads - 15% off for everyone.
wild rice, cinnamon raisin, flax, sunflower (3rd Street Bakery, Duluth)
authentic flour tortilla's (La Perla, Mpls, MN)
Dave's Killer Breads: Good Seed and 21 Whole Grains

MEATS and POULTRY (LOCAL) - roasts, bacon, sausage, ground turkey, beef, pork, t-bones, ham steaks, wonderful bone in turkey breasts, turkey teriyaki and cranberry strips, beef wieners, etc.

So much more, as usual, including a full range of soups (many low sodium), almost all organic; mulling spices to warm you up, sugar for holiday baking; chips, beverages - HOCH Honeycrisp Cider (plenty of kombucha, switchel & ginger beer, along with carbonated fruit options and MN colas); great chocolate and snack bars, ...

Stop in TODAY! See you soon!


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