Abundant gratitude

The owner members, staff and board of the Ideal Green Market Cooperative would like to thank the community for its support of our Farm to Table Lunch and Silent Auction on November 10, 2018.
Special thanks to the Old Milwaukee Saloon & Eatery Owner Jeff Feltmann and staff Chef Kevin, Waitress Sheri, and Manager Tracy for Farm to Table fundraising success! We appreciate the community partnership as we continue to grow and be a presence in Ideal Corners and surrounding communities!
The following businesses and individuals donated items to our event and helped make the community of Ideal, the ‘ideal’ place to have this event. Thank you all!
Dodie Guggenberger, Mary Kay Representative
The Nest, Pequot Lakes
Catherine Funk, Encompassing Beauty, Crosslake
Dan and Pam Kocer
Friends of Ideal Green Market
Geoff and Muffie Davidge
Sandi Baker, Board Member
Jeff McGrath, Northland Pet Lodge
Jon and Kyle Stachour, Red Barn Orchard
Ron and Judy Kidder
Taren Saccoman, Board Member
Peppy Pete’s Gourmet Salsa
Rich Spiczka, GLAPA
Pam Cunningham, Board Member
Steve Claypatch
Marie Fischer
Pat Reilly
Bruce and Ellen Hostetler
Kicks on Route 66, Crosslake
Sara Dagg
Barb Warrington
Barb Mann
Sharyl Fischer
MJ Schneider
Carole Steinke
Tyler Gardner, Pequot Sanitation
Tanya Hanson
Jeff O’Brien Asian Accents, Pequot Lakes
Thanks to the Planning Committee - MJ S., Sandi B, Geoff D, and Marie F., lead by Board Member Pam Cunningham.
AND THANKS TO YOU! for coming & supporting the effort & celebrating with great food!
Bonnie Coffey
Board President
Pequot Lakes, MN

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