Agenda & Minutes - Feb 2

MISSION: To provide access to local, sustainable and healthy food and products.

Incorporating Board of Directors:
___x__ Jason Baca
___x__ Vanessa Bye, Treasurer
__x___ Geoff Davidge, Vice-President
___x__ John Ehlert
___x__ Dan Kayser
___0__ Kim Larson
___x__ John Plein, President
___x__ Eleanor Rice
__0__ Dan Yavner
__x___ Barb Mann, Co-op Coordinator/Secretary

PROPOSED AGENDA - Monday, February 2, 2015, 6:30pm at the Co-op Store
Welcome / Approve Agenda-called to order 6:40pm

MINUTES OF Jan 26, 2015 MEETING                Motion DK  2nd __VB___  Decision _Pass

Mission/Vision Clarification- to provide access to local, sustainable, and healthy food and products
Motion to approve the Mission Statement as presented, 2ndJB,  no discussion. Pass.
      Scenario 2 presentation (Barb)-farmers’ market w/ store?
Comments: farm markets – for growers hard to do back to back markets, maybe earlier in week, Sundays maybe Tuesdays,  “meat”  (Jason) sell on consignment.
Do one intensive day.  JB – idea to put together food box together for weekend, good to go,  meat pkg 20lbs $200 do a food box $150-200. Create a food box. Food to Go package (Wed – ?) include recipes and all. Old Milwaukee Club busy Fri-Sat.  Cater – plan ahead. Promote. Make this a destination.  
Fri-Sat better day for market. Sunday people leaving.  Make a decision on farmers’ market to do at minimum. Work with Nisswa vendors to do Thurs afternoon market.
Focus on membership securing.
Dry goods: flour, oatmeal, and add to, frozen meats, use the building and keep growing it
Direct mailing: Ideal Township , WAPOA, Back to Basics, social media
Ideal ripe for this – just challenge place to shop. (poll on web site and FB – which day for farmers market, ask people what works – what do they want). (Thursday afternoon ?)   Dry goods.

1.    Finance Task Group Report – account open, $195 balance (savings $5/checking $195). 2 debit cards (VB and JP names – signers, hold on ordering checks for now, majority of funds into checking, greater interest bearing). Task group adjusting budget per new membership, seeking other ways to fundraise and put together a business plan.  Ron Kidder explained some of original pro forma and determined importance of business plan.

   Promotion/Membership (Kim) – add in “cannot use as a tax deduction”,  B2B table info – Eleanor, Jason, John & Mary Plein stop in to help.
WAPOA meets first Monday every month – Geoff.  Ann mtg end of June, Board meetings monthly at town hall- Ideal / Jason ask Pine River Watershed mtg -

     1.  Member Launch Community Meeting, March - set date,  March 20 Friday, Spring Equinox, John P ck calendar, 6:30 coffee & dessert., drawing prizes.   Spring has Sprung Spring Fever Member Mania – Your green makes us green – Ideal Green Market. Vernal Equinox.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, 6:30pm
            Task Groups to meet week of February 9
M to adjourn JP, 2nd JB, pass. 7:51pm

ADJOURN (by 8pm at the latest)

1.    Policies (do we need a task group for this development?)-

1.    Happy Dancing Turtle's Back to Basics in  Pine River, Sat. Feb 7 (info table)
2.    UNFI (food distribution source ) - adding distribution center in Twin Cities area
   ( possible UNFI food product for start up also available from Stone Woman Herbals initially)




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