Amazing Local Produce

OH BOY are we getting some great local (within 100 miles) produce in these days!  I'm grateful for the bounty and hard, dedicated work of our growers!  AMAZING!

BEAUTIFUL Leeks from Alder Song Farm
Brilliant Purple Asian Eggplant from Northwoods Organics
Luscious celery leaf tops from Chuck's Garden Fresh Vegetables - great in soups and sauces
Red & Green Cabbages
Roma Tomatoes
Yellow Onions
Green & Red Sweet Peppers & Jalapenos
Yellow Potatoes and Fingerlings
Fresh Curled Parsley & Fresh Basil
Gorgeous Carnival Winter Squash - like acorn squash, and Butternut Squash
String Beans still coming in with later plantings
Romaine & Butterhead lettuce

white button mushrooms
Luscious Pears
Valencia Oranges
Ruby Grapefruit
Apple BANANAS - that's right! They're SO cute! and has a little more "fruity" flavor to them! YUM!
Haas Avocados with a price drop from last week
Apples - Granny Smith, Autumn Greeting & Gala
Fresh Ginger Root
Purple Garlic
Cippolini Onions - those cute little purple ones that are flavorful without being over-powering
Yellow Onions
Lemons & Limes


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