Annual Member-Owner Meeting 7pm, June 21

GREETINGS Ideal Green Market Cooperative Member-Owners!  On behalf of the Board of Directors, Brenda Myers, Gen Mgr., and Barb Mann, Co-op Coordinator - you are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Member-Owner Meeting, Tuesday, June 21, 7pm at the Ideal Township Hall/Community Center located off CR 16 just Northeast of the Co-op as you head towards Crosslake.

The proposed agenda is linked along with a list of Candidates running for vacant positions on the Board of Directors.  There are a maximum of five positions open, two 2-year positions that are completion of terms due to two resignations earlier in the year, and three 3-year positions (full term) to replace out-going Board Members: John Ehlert, Dan Kayser and Dan Yavner.  Elections will take place at the meeting.

Remember, voting on decisions and elections for filling Board vacancies will only be in person.  For household member-owners, all are invited and welcome to attend the meeting, just remember to please designate one person to serve as your voice in voting decisions and elections, per the By-laws.

Coffee/Tea and treats will be available, along with a running slide show of pictures over the past year.  We are currently at 185 member-owners, we have staff, the doors are open, the new point of sale system is being set up as we write, the farmers‘ market is again in full swing for the 2nd season and we have good, clean food available!

Come celebrate so much goodness in opening and making the dream a reality! WE DID IT TOGETHER!


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