Awesome spring greens, and more

...from local producers and along with Geoff's "Spring Fling" chop, you can whip up a colorful salad in a snap! Also, some beautiful broccoli and organic carrots.  Eating healthy never looked so good!

Get outside and do some grilling!  We have beautiful 'fresh' pork steaks & chops in our meat section from Patchwork Farms in Merrifield.  Welcome to Tim & Gayle Stevens, our newest Co-Op Members and also another local vendor in the Co-Op. If anyone is interested in larger orders of pork, they can be placed at the Co-Op as well.  The goal of Patchwork Farms is "to raise meat as naturally as possible on non GMO feeds and pasture. Our hogs are of heritage breeds, producing a dark red meat with lots of flavor.  We do not use antibiotics or hormones".

Looking to grill or roast some poultry?  You will want to try the new 'Poultry Mix' Herbs & Spices.


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