Beef, Salads and more

Grill a Brakstad Natural Farms (Pequot Lakes) steak this week. Nice smooth texture, juicey, tender and tasty. Their beef is grass fed, grain finished over the last month - grain is grown by Lance & Robyn so we know it's "clean" grain and the cattle are very well cared for.

Ideal Green Market carries their ground beef and a variety of steaks and roasts. We also carry 100% grass-fed beef from Jason Baca (Pequot Lakes) for those who especially need the specific omegas found only in 100% grass-fed. We just started carrying Januschka's (Little Falls) grass-fed beef-pork hotdogs that are very tasty as well. The price-point on these is much better than the Organic Prairie/Organic Valley brand we have been carrying, and, of course, Little Falls is much more local to us.

DELI SALADS (grab 'n go) this week:

• tri-colored potato salad
• Cranberry Spinach Wild Rice Salad

Also ham and cheese sandwiches to go


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