At the Co-op this week

We're hoping in about 6 weeks or so to have LOCAL greens and maybe radishes!  Can hardly wait!

OPEN HOURS: Thursday - 1-8pm; Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm

Cara Cara Oranges -"This orange has a trifecta of attributes. It has the initial appearance of a true orange. Its peel is smooth, yet pebbled and when zested releases bright floral aromatics. It is easy to peel and its flesh reflects the color of ruby grapefruit. It tastes sweeter than any given orange with flavors far more comparable to tangerines. Its also seedless, an advantage among any fruit. Its flesh is tender and extremely juicy." - See more at:

Cauliflower (regular white, though that Romanesco Cauliflower was AWESOME!)
Easter Egg Radish - (tried to get French Breakfast but they were out)
Green Onions
d'Anjou Pears

Kale Chips - Rhythm Super Foods LLC brand (original and ranch flavor)
Kettle Brand Potato Chips  (definitely organic)
Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips - yellow, and chili-lime
Pine Nuts (I tried getting organic on these, however, very hard to find and VERY expensive, so these are conventional)
Annie's Honey Graham Crackers - it may be a little early for s'mores, BUT ya gotta be prepared - right? (we have the chocolate bars, just need marshmallows - wonder if we can get organic? I'll check it out)
New flavors of single serving greek yogurts - lemon curd and blueberry

We have the usual you've come to expect:
Fresh greens: romaine, Savoy spinach, red leaf lettuce, endive, red chard, cabbage - red and green

broccoli, carrots, Beauty Heart Radishes, Celery, garlic (peeled and regular), onions, potatoes, mushrooms, squash, leeks, beets, parsnips

(Have to tell you about the packaged peeled garlic in the back cooler - this is a great time saver, especially if you need alot of garlic for roasting or making a garlic mash to smear on your french baguette.  The cool thing is that within the package are smaller vacuum sealed packets of smaller amounts of garlic, which is great because it keeps fresh longer and just because you open the main package doesn't mean you have to use it up in a hurry or the rest will waste.  Smart marketing! Bummer about the extra plastic used, but we have yet to come up with a good alternative for packing lots of our veggies. We need an inventor of a bio-degradeable plastic-like packaging material. We'd make a million! )

navel oranges, ruby grapefruit, grapes, Jonagold apples, Gold Blush apples, (frozen fruits: bananas, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, mixed berries, cranberries)

ALSO FEATURING: Red Lake Nation Foods, from Red Lake Reservation up north, with their FANTASTIC wild blueberry syrup and jelly, other wild berry jellies (chokecherry, plum & grape), wild rice, wild rice pancake mix, teas.  Very good products and reasonably priced.

We have Geoff's "Leap Year Root Chop" (great roasted or for soup) and he's making a green chop as I write. He's amazing and we're lucky to have Geoff volunteering to work the produce!  Be sure and thank him!

Remember our dairy and non-dairy products, fresh eggs from Brainerd, beverages, breads (Fresh from Duluth on Friday mid-day & other brands frozen any time), gluten free products from pastas to snacks to packaged goods and flours, and, and, and..... so much more!  We have started getting fresh whole wheat hamburger and hotdog buns in 6 packs from Positively Third Street Bakery in Duluth.

(Mark your calendars for our Grand Opening week May 14-21 - fishing opener week)! SOOOOO EXCITED!

See ya!


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