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Scandia Valley Dairy, local supplier of FANTASTIC EGGS recently evaluated their 2015 records. They've been taking a loss on the eggs given the price of "transitional" feed (feed in the process of becoming certified organic, just not there yet per the regs, though organic practices for sure). As a result, you'll note a price increase on eggs next time you purchase. X-Large and Jumbo eggs (which most of these are) will be $6.50/dozen and large will be $6.00/dz. (For comparison, organic eggs are running $10/dozen in the cities). We consider ourselves fortunate to have a local supplier motivated to use clean feed for their chickens. They are soon to receive 100 chicks which will be laying by July 2016 and thus increase their supply to us! 

It IS costly to raise chickens organically for those NON-GMO, organic eggs we so love. We want Scandia Valley Dairy to succeed and continue to be a great local supplier for us.

BRING IN YOUR EGG CARTONS!  These are needed and help keep egg costs down a bit.  THANK YOU!


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