Farmers' Market Saturday, Aug 29, 9am-1pm

VENDORS we know of:
• Alder Song Farm (produce)
• Amber Ecker Herbals (personal care products - bug stuff and sun screen included)
• B & B Farm Co / Brakstad Green Acres (goat milk soap, herbal teas, milled flours, chickens, ground beef)
Bourn of Nature (chaga for tea)
• Cha Cha Chaga (chaga tinctures and lotions)
• Chuck's Garden Fresh Vegetables (produce)
• Cookie Crumbs (baked goods, canned goods & produce)
Estlewilde Farm (broiler chickens)
• Red Truck Garden & Crafts (produce & crafts)
• Smude/Kowalzek's (sunflower oil - plain and infused flavors, honey, mushroom logs/kits) (USUAL SIDE - 3 from porch, next to • Serenity Now Alpaca Farm)

LIKELY, but not sure:
• Scandia Valley Dairy

Hope to see you Saturday! Have a great day!


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