Greetings from Bonnie

December 18, 2017
Greetings  IGMC Members and Customers,
"Hang in there" is a phrase that can describe so many different situations.  We've said it for years when watching the Vikings play but now our team is favored for some really great playoff games!  You may be describing your holiday frenzy if you have guests coming and limited time to get ready.  For the IGMC this phrase is in my mind as I am reading a four part series in the "The Future of Food", Minneapolis Star Tribune  The article from Sunday explains how farmers are using sustainability farming practices because the ecological effects of traditional steel blade farming practices are so damaging to the land, and our environment.  Today's story captures the rise in grass fed animal production and how consumers are buying grass fed beef because it is just better in taste, for your health and for the environment.
How many years do we have to "hang in there" to see profitability and a rise in sales at the IGMC? Articles such as this will help educate consumers who will find us, when coming to the lake country because of the better foods we offer.  We are working on getting more information on our point of sale system so that we can have an accurate picture of what our gross profit is (after selling our goods) and using these funds to pay our recurring expenses.  Steve Roe has graciously accepted the position of Treasurer and will help me delve into the information we have to make informed financial decisions for the IGMC.
I certainly shop differently now than when I first joined the IGMC.  I was a newby to co-op shopping.  The products did not look familiar to me and I had no idea how to use quinoa, spelt, flax seeds or coconut oil in my cooking.  Grass fed beef was something I purchased because I wanted to try it and had a  low risk factor for tasting different.   I know now that food can be medicinal. As we age, we confront health issues we didn't have when we were younger.    I'm older now and know a little more about the foods I eat.  After reading the articles in the Star Tribune, I am so grateful for having the IGMC and embracing a mission of sustainability.  When planning our meals, I read the weekly email telling what is in the store and plan from the available fruits, vegetables and meats.  Both Tony and I eat better today because of what we can get at the IGMC.
As the year ends, I hope you will remember to support the IGMC even more now, as so many members leave the area for warmer climates.  If you are around this weekend, make a stop at the IGMC and sample some Fancy Pants Chocolates from Brainerd.  Look around at the store and you'll see familiar faces, beautiful displays and  support a store that fulfills its mission "To provide access to local, sustainable and healthy food and products."
Merry Christmas
Bonnie Coffey

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