From IGMC Board President

Hello IGMC Members,

At the June 26, 2017 IGMC board meeting, I was elected president of the board, succeeding Geoff Davidge.  I would like to thank our outgoing board members, Geoff, Abbie Schramm, Jason Baca and John Plein for their dedication to getting the IGMC launched.  Our new board members, Taren Saccoman, Megan Loukota , Joan Ingebrigtson and Pam Cunningham join myself, Steve Roe and Mike Winkels incumbent board members.  I am pleased to have an age diverse group to share ideas and to continue the mission of the IGMC.

We currently have 240 members!  Word has gotten around about the IGMC and how it is a growing hub of activity and where you can buy great produce, wonderful meats and healthy foodstuffs.  Many new members are members of co-ops in the Twin Cities and believe that buying locally at the IGMC helps the community and helps achieve their goals of healthy living.

Our employees, Pat Rogness, Teresa Trujillo and Barb Mann are always willing to share what they know about our store and what treasures it holds. Pat got me hooked on Fava Beans and her Fava Bean dip.  I made a dip with the beans I bought and froze for when my family was visiting.  I only wish I had had twice as many as the dip was fabulous.  I'll be looking forward to them again next Spring.

We have experienced good strong sales, thanks to you and the larger community full of visitors to the lakes area.  I know things will change when the seasons dictate that summer is over.  This is where you can help.  If every member spent $25.00 of your food budget at the co-op each week, we would have more than enough funds to cover our monthly operating costs.  We have the best produce and meats around so spending this amount will certainly be pleasing, especially with our goods from our local community.

We also depend on volunteers to keep our costs down.  We have a devoted group who unload the delivery trucks each week and help get items onto the shelves, priced and ready to be sold.  Dick and Mary Nelles are members who clean the store each week.  We could use a couple of members to volunteer to help them – maybe alternate weeks?  We could also use some help with the grounds.  Dan Yavner has helped with building maintenance and having someone volunteer to cut the grass each week would be appreciated.

I hope you are enjoying the summer and are especially grateful to be living in this community and the beauty of nature surrounding all of us.

I'll see you at the co-op!

Bonnie Coffey, IGMC Board President



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