A letter from Board President

October 5, 2017

Hello IGMC Members and Friends,

I called a special board meeting to discuss the finances of the IGMC and to make changes in how we utilize our paid employees.  In a nutshell, the board decided to trim the hours of our paid staff because with the change in seasons, our sales are down about 35%.  Many seasonal members have left for the year and our visitors and non-members' visits decreased.

When we look at the sales information, it shows that members comprised 64% of our sales during the summer.  This shows your continued support of the IGMC.   We have roughly 250 members.  If every member spent $20 per week, our sales would be robust.  We know there are members who are not here in the fall and winter.  So your dollars, no matter what the amount spent, are critical to our continuation.

Board member Pam Cunningham will be recruiting volunteers to help during store hours.   If you have a few hours to spare on a regular basis, we could use your help.  The idea is to have a volunteer work with our paid staff and do some of the other jobs that need to be done at the market.   It may be rearranging produce, or shelf stable foods.  Maybe help create one of the displays you see in the store, highlighting new products.  I know we can't decrease the hours of our employees and expect the store to be as clean and inviting as it has been all year.  All skills are needed and it's a great way to meet other co-op members!  You can contact board member Pam Cunningham with your questions about volunteering.

You can also help us by inviting your neighbors and friends to join the IGMC.  By joining they show their commitment to the principles that guide the IGMC:  provide fresh and local foods to our community and support local agriculture and food suppliers.

I have the privilege of working with our current board members and the experience they bring to our meetings as we tackle the problems that beset retail food businesses today.  My thanks to my board: Steve Roe, Mike Winkels, Megan Loukota, Taren Saccoman, Joan Ingebrigtson and Pam Cunningham for their support, experience and energy.

Please direct your questions and comments to me.  I can be reached by phone 218 940 3407 or email


Bonnie Coffey

Board President


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