Letter to the Editor Sept. 15, 2014

People who are interested in forming an Ideal Green Market food co-op here in Ideal Township met Monday, September 15, with Nancy Cross. Nancy works with Brainerd Community Action and has the knowledge necessary to help groups organize the legal governing documents required to establish a business. Nancy will help the steering committee write and submit Articles of Incorporation and by-laws for Ideal Green Market. Her help will make it possible to form the many people who have indicated an interest in a food co-op, into a group that can make purchases, write checks, pay rent, and run a responsible business.

To do those things will require a set of by-laws, a board of directors, a business plan, and a business license from the State of Minnesota. With Nancy’s help, it will be possible to draft outlines of these plans for approval by the general membership of the Ideal Green Market.

It is the intention of the organizing committee to hold a General Membership meeting during the month of October at which time many of the details can be worked out and agreed upon.

Anyone who is interested in helping with the planning of a co-op is most certainly welcome. The planning group meets Monday afternoon at 3:00 in the Ideal store building. C’mon in!

John Ehlert, Pequot Lakes



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