Letter to Members from Board President, Bonnie

November 13, 2017
Hello IGMC Members and Friends,
I’m writing this to you on the Second Anniversary of the IGMC being open (third year in existence officially)!  I can, and many of you can also, remember the day we opened in November and all the work that went into creating the store we see today. Starting with just Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays and ending the year with a real store was a leap of faith for those who had this idea to start a food co-op between Pequot Lakes and Crosslake.  Since that time, displays have been tweaked, and purchases made for freezers for ice cream and extra frozen items.  Shelves were built by volunteers so that we can maximize the inside footprint.  So much has changed!  Every time I go to the store I see something new.  Displays are made with eye catching appeal and shelves neat and tidy thanks to the creative work done by Pat, Teresa, Barb, and Linda Walker, Sandi Baker and Sue Munz.  Our store is sparkling clean because Mary and Dick Nelles clean the store each week.  There are so many people to thank who help out each week with jobs that bring us closer together and closer to the mission of the IGMC!
All of this comes from not one person, but many.  The board is tasked with governance and providing help when needed for some of the administrative roles.  If your passion for keeping the IGMC a vibrant part of our community has been sparked by this historical look back at events, please consider a position on our board or to volunteer your help with events, shelving products or taking care of our inventory. I am grateful for the work Mike & Joy Winkels have provided as a hands-on volunteer stocking shelves and doing so many other jobs, and Mike as a board member.  In case you’ve not heard, Mike and Joy, sold their Crosslake home and have moved west of the Twin Cities.  Please consider this opportunity to share your talents with your community and contact me if you are interested in serving on our board or Pam Cunningham if you are interested in volunteering.
Speaking of volunteers, a big thanks goes out to board member Pam Cunningham for coordinating the Farm to Table Lunch Saturday Nov. 11th at the Old Milwaukee Club.  MJ Schneider was gracious to take over the silent auction once again and did a fabulous job getting donations and organizing this part of our event.  Thank you also, to Jeff Feltmann and the Old Milwaukee staff for cooking the lunch and chickens donated by Pat and Kelli Ebnet of Wild Acres Processing, Inc. – Pequot Lakes,  Dave Massey of Northwoods Organics-Pine River for growing butternut squash, Barry Thoele of Barry’s Cherries Hydroponic Produce-Staples for growing the romaine, and to all our desert bakers, servers and behind the scenes workers.  We had a tremendous turnout and sold out all of our lunches (80) making this event the best we’ve had!
The Ideal Green Market Cooperative is a member of the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce.  We have been working closely with the Crosslake Chamber of Commerce (one of the components of the Brainerd Lakes Chamber).  Crosslake Chamber has a free app you can download to your phone. When shopping over the holidays, you can get special deals from stores using this app.  We will be offering special deals during the “Holly Days in Crosslake” beginning November 24th.  Be sure you get this app as the IGMC is on this app and we will be participating in this fun holiday event.
Remember, IGMC will have holiday hours next week for Thanksgiving.  We will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday 10-6 and Saturday 9-3.
Thank you for your continued support of our local gem! I am reminded of this wonderful opportunity to support local growers, food processors and artisans each time I read the newspaper and see how shoppers are changing their buying habits.  Say YES to your local co-op where you are always greeted with a smile and ‘everyone knows your name’.
See you at the Co-op
Bonnie Coffey

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