Meeting notes-Dec. 1, 2014

Meeting Dec. 1, 2014 began about 3:10 p.m.

In attendance: Ron & Judy Kidder, Mary & John Plein, Melody Banks, Megan Loukota.

Outdoor sign) awaiting quote from Action Graphics

Storefront) Remodel of stairs, railings and ramps in progress.

Group) Discussed the financials of the new business plan which we began drafting out with Julie Anderholm at the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at Central Lakes College Nov. 25th. Ron K. has been adding more detailed numbers to the spreadsheet, such as estimated Membership dues installment payments. These numbers, when worked into the initial financials draft, help the bottom line look to be in the black in year one & two.

RK) Ron will continue to work through the financials spreadsheet to have aaa revision ready for the group to review again at next meeting. Our next meeting with Julie Anderholm at SBDC is scheduled for Dec. 17th at 1:00 p.m. At that time we will go over the new numbers we've included in the financials and discuss feasibility as well as future steps to proceed.

Judy K) Said that Kris & Dan Kayser, Stone Woman Herbals of Pine River, may come to next Monday's meeting.

Group) Discussed how far we've gotten with required document that are necessary to open as business. But cannot go much further until we have a full board of directors with the skills necessary to be able to lead in the business decisions for the cooperative. It will require face-to-face recruitment.

Megan L) Knows some younger residents that she will contact for board positions. Group may have to get together a list of possible recruits with skills that will be helpful to the co-op.

Megan) What is the status of what can be sold here in the Market? We discussed nothing can yet be sold under the Ideal Green Market Co-op name/license yet. Still need board & Officers to open and manage a checking account, etc. So for now, Judy & Ron Kidder are operating under their own business (CLAD) and selling products which they have purchased. Mostly for the Holiday Sale. And as a way to get people in the store to spread awareness about the future plans to open a food co-op.

A key to success for the co-op will be offering the type of products people want. Feedback from Azure drop customers will be helpful. Another reason to try build up a 'community' with buyers club, Azure or others. Learn what people want to shop for.

Hollday Sale) discussed the way to write/send a mass emailing to the 'General Interest' email list we have compiled. Mary P. planned to send email.

Azure Standard delivery) is Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 a.m. Ron & Judy Kidder plan to be there as well as Azure Drop Coordinator, Mary Plein. Only 5 people ordered this time but orders met the quota to merit the drop. Plans are to invite Azure customers in for hot coffee, hot chocolate and donuts before the delivery arrives.

Meeting adjourned about 5:00 p.m.



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