Meeting notes-Dec. 8, 2014

Attending: Ron & Judy Kidder, Eleanor Rice, Mary & John Plein. Later Justin Bolz-Andolshek arrived and heard some group about co-op plans. He was asked to be on the board. His schedule is really full already but he'll let us know.

Discussed update on committee members, Melody Banks has stepped down from the committee. She offered to volunteer when the store is open for business.

Kris Kayser has cancelled speaking to the group today as she has bad cold and tough to speak. But will come another time or invited us to stop in the store anytime to chat.

Holiday sale - discussed. MP's 2nd email blast seemed to help bring people into the store.

Contacts List: We added about six new names of people interested in the co-op.

Outdoor Sign - quote still coming

Outdoor remodeling - progressing.

MP suggested we narrow down a list of names of those we think would be good as directors of the board. Then we can focus recruitment.

 Need to identify what we are looking for in a board member.
• Grocery experience
• Co-op experience
• Legal in Retail/Food experience
• Health Dept/USDA experience
• Farmer's Market experience
• Interest in local foods
• Age diversity

Brambling Rows, Ruth & John Jansen w/be excellent for the board

Group wants to pursue getting the word out via area associations, lake associations. MP will write a start for the text to send to those groups in hopes they will get the word out in their respective newsletters. Use humor in the text.

For next meeting:

RK) How to proceed from  here.
JP) Outline of business plan
MP) text for Association newsletters
ER) for a general meeting/Banquet prep: send a mailing/email to all contacts - get volunteers to help with setup. On our Contact List, highlight those who said they'd volunteer.

End of meeting about 5:10 p.m.




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