Meeting notes June 13, 2014

Ideal Corners Food Co-op  - Friday, June 13, 2014

Attendees: Ron Kidder, Judy Kidder, Loyal Hoag, Mary Plein, John Plein


(Loyal)     Meeting w/Chip scheduled for Thurs. June 19 at 1:00 p.m.

(Judy)       Maybe we should each bring a friend to next meeting.

(Loyal)       Do a demographic study?

(Ron)        Field trip to Hackensack Food Co-op is ‘for’ offering produce…but, also for year-round foods (which may not include locally grown produce)

LOCAL organic – LOCAL processed:  work at coordinating w/local suppliers for all kinds of food resources

(Loyal)     MN Grown – booklet/guide. Arlene Jones is a good resource

Spend this summer meeting growers & suppliers

(Judy)      has taken Tours often arranged thru the Crow Wing Food Co-op

(Loyal)     Nelson-Shine (sp?) off Hwy 25

(John)       attend Farmer’s Markets – to identify local suppliers


(Ron)      would like to hold Farmer’s Markets at the parking lot of Ideal Corners Food Co-op. And/Or invite suppliers to bring their leftover produce to our market.

(Group)    What would our Hours be?

Loyal - 5-days a week, consistent hours, even in winter

(Loyal)    Story about “Town That Food Built” a restaurant opened up to the small community and for residents who purchased a ‘share’ they got one free meal each month and the reputation grew.

(Judy)      She will connect w/Nancy Cross re: Funding

(Ron)       a ‘Shout-Out’ letter to the Community? As a way to introduce ourselves and meet interested ‘talent’ resources in people.

(Ron)      Buyer’s Club – let’s keep this idea in forefront

Link up w/a “Jobber” that could deliver bulk

(Mary)    Megan Loukouta (Co Rd 39) has a Buyer’s Club

(Judy)     Stone Woman Herbal / Back Door Grocery – bulk buying

(Group)   At mtg w/Chip what will we ask of him? Artist’s rendering of the co-op;

and advice on organizational structure: incorporate? Non-profit? For profit? Co-op vs not a co-op?

Does Crow Wing Co-op own their building?

Discuss Co-op Membership structures

Our Mission Statement

(Ron)      asked about someone being a note-taker.

(Mary)     volunteered to take notes

(John)      Website development; setup Users on website for: Loyal, Mary

Email: setup new addresses for core group

*Thunderbird recommended

-SPAM Assassin

-SKYPE for mtgs if needed?

(Mary)       asked everyone to bring a written stmnt of what we feel business purpose w/be

(Ron)        more of a Vision stmnt at this point than a Mission

(Ron)        discussed providing prepared foods in Market. Regulations/laws/risks

(Ron)       Membership – what’s the liability? And how can exposure be reduced?

Inc.? LLC? (considerations for Kidder’s liabilities)

(Judy)        likes the idea of it being a co-op because of a co-op’s message of ‘Community’.

(Loyal/Ron)   an alternative to local grocers

(Ron)        Are we competeing w/area grocers OR are we offering something different?

LOCAL -------- VS ------------Year-round availability?

(Loyal)      Consistent supplies of good quality/healthy food

(Judy)       book by Barbara Kingsolver: “Animal, Vegetable or …” about eating local

(Loyal)     need to define LOCAL for ourselves…what is our definition?

(Ron)       Co-op has to be ‘unique’ enough as a ‘destination’ to be viable. Sell the kind of things that can make us a destination.

(Loyal)     Specialty foods: Dean &

(Ron)       Birch syrup; dandelion coffee; cat tail flour; nettle tea; thistles

(Mary)      Travis Grimler is a local food forager; writer for the Echo and a freelance writer; teaches Community Ed classes

(Loyal)     Winona LeDuc – wild rice

(Ron)       expand our thinking when writing our Vision to consider “destination”  “uniqueness”

(Loyal)      then get this message across in our name


Meeting adjourned 4pm



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