Meeting notes June 19, 2014

Ideal Green Market          
Meeting notes Thursday June 19, 1:40 p.m.
Attendees: Loyal Hoag, Chip Borkenhagen, Judy Kidder, Ron Kidder, Mary Plein, John Plein
(Ron) Jeff Feltmann is a source of food processing, can prep salads and ‘to go’ food for the Market
(Loyal) Thanked Chip for visiting the group. How to focus on critical content? Such as, patronage, rebates

(Ron/Judy) Judy has an LLC (Central Lakes Area Advertising) they could use when they need to.

(Ron) will be prepared to act as Landlord.
Rent is negotiable.
May 2015 is target to open the Market
Ron has building tasks/responsibilities
Ron expects to invest in store
He would like rent to be able to pay for:
 • property taxes; insurance; utilities
(Loyal) Kidders should be remunerated for reasonable rent
We should determine the legal structure – should the Market be a Co-op, non-profit?

(Judy) Crow Wing Co-op is a ‘for profit’ biz. Net proceeds, profits go back into the business.

(Chip) importance of investment in General Manager! CWCo-op board has 6-8 people but 3 are always there and doing the work

(Judy) Kidders started SEBRA (South East Brainerd Resident Assoc.) Nancy Cross helped her get that started.

(Judy) Grants available?

(Loyal) Doesn’t matter whether profit/non-profit but need funding of some sort

(Ron) will require outreach – no matter what

(Loyal) Inventory to stock the shelves ~$10,000

(Chip) to start with… Create a business plan (7-10 pgs) or work with SBDC?
(Chip) Costs of running the building
Cost of inventory (food)
In purest sense a co-op is meant to help other food co-ops get set up.
Suggests we visit Bemidji co-op
Chip suggested he bring in a guy he knows to critique the biz plan
Map out the building – mark where the coolers/freezers are:
- List of the amenities
- How much product w/need to fill
- Talk to wholesalers re: year round suppliers
- Arlene Jones – contact her for help, but she’s busy
- Take advantage of lack of city regulation
- Celebrations here will build community
- Create a newsletter, print & online

(Ron) Before end of summer – get investors in the building (before they all go home)
 In-Kind make most of those contributions
- show liability of costs but also show that the costs are mitigated by in-kind contributors/sponsors

(Chip) will recommend a guy to consult with the group. Then we should contact him before business plan and during the building.

(Chip) Non-Members may not know that they can shop here, and drive by w/out stopping

(Loyal) Membership is important but, since we’re in business of making healthy food available to everyone.
Prices need to be affordable
People know they should buy healthy but think they can’t afford healthy food.
Store Grant – invest in folks who want to start a hoop house to grow food year round.

(Ron) asked Chip if regular gardeners can bring food in to sell at the Market.
Discussed raw food vs. processed food

(Chip) If I don’t know that the co-op is great before I come in, that’s okay.
Front porch is a great amenity. Add a couple rocking chairs w/give a ‘Country Store’ feel. Possible extend the awning to allow for more seating.

(Ron) Stairs means a ramp, need to think through how best to incorporate ramp into  the entrance.

(Chip) ‘Farm Island Store’ Aitkin. Had an old wood stove w/locals sitting around talking. Came for free coffee day. Became a gathering destination. Put improved/raised ceiling in biz plan

(Group) Discussed remodeling the counter area to allow for more food display/storage area.

(Chip) “Insurmountable opportunities.”

(Loyal) will research & put figures together for costs to stock the store will contact Steve Williams to assess the building structure.

(Ron) ask Chip, will they be receptive to supply in bulk or wholesale arrangement and suppose by end of summer, we start our own Buyer’s Club to gain experience & members 1x per month, or every 2 weeks – begin customer base with a buyer’s club.

(Judy) SproutMN – Arlene.  (Jessie is one of the managers at Sprout)
 Local food distribution hub

(Chip) Happy Dancing Turtle is a possibility to funding.
Chip is on their board.
Figure out who does what, by when.
Everyone on the same page
Chip is willing to offer his help as in-kind
He’ll take pics & begin drawings that can be adjusted

(Ron) Reminded us of his apprehension about getting more talent in this steering committee.

(Mary) undersand that, but we may not want to bring people in before we have a good basic outline of our plan. Something compelling that we believe in.

(Chip) True, but make Loyal the driver and compensate him for his time.

(Ron) If Loyal is the guy we will support, discussed setting up an enterprise for the Market so we can process the funding/seed money

(John) Maybe set up an Association, non-profit that would be setup to build the co-op.
Work with Nancy Cross
Possibly get someone else to be our fiscal agent

(Mary) Maybe Ideal Township could be the fiscal agent.

(Chip) gave a great pep talk. Then shot photos.

(Loyal) Friday nite he’ll talk to Arlene Jones about connecting

He’ll talk to Cheryl Hills, Director of Region Five, about what info they need to see to help us get seed money tos tart the food co-op. And about founding an Assoc. before we create a co-op.

Will outline Business Plan – resources are available for ‘templates’  to use as a reference.

(Judy) Will call Nancy Cross

(John) will create website user logins for content ‘editors’

(Group) we read out loud our Vision & Mission statements

(Ron) Will see Jeff Feltmann
commented that his ‘Vision’ isn’t paramount: :…Let someone else run it with their own Vision.”
Gave us a sheet of ideas of what other companies have written

(Group) discussed all comments

Next meeting: Thursday afternoon, June 26th 3:00 p.m.  Can Jeff Feltmann come?

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Resources: SproutMN, Local Harvest, MN Grown




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