Meeting notes-Nov. 24, 2014

In attendance: Ron & Judy Kidder, Tom Johnson, Eleanor Rice, Mary & John Plein, Melody Banks.

Meeting began about 3:10 pm.

Judy & Mary)  Kidders left the By Laws with Mike Sands, their accountant, for a review and opinion - understanding he is not an attorney and his comments will be only his personal opinions. But we appreciate a professional's perspective.  Mary called & left message asking Krista Okerman for her review & perspective on the By Laws, as Krista has grocer's background- her father ran a grocery store in MN.

Group) Grand Membership Party - plan a date

JK)  Next two meetings invite Chris & Dan Kayser, of Stone Woman Herbals, Pine River.

MP) Include them in email reminder for meetings.

Group)  Stuff for Biz Plan Meeting:
• Certificate of Organization
• By Laws
• Articles of Inc.
• 2013/2014 Utility bills (Actual w/be higher)
• copy of all previous meeting notes
• Sign graphics and specs
• Advertising
• POS (Point of Sale) Software
• measure sq. footage
(referred to a study citing average startup cost at $275/sq. ft.)

RK) Discussed inventory and turnover thru first year at breakeven point. Start up estimate with inventory, utility & payroll = $75,000. Plus POS system software.

JK)  Something to ask Jean Borkenhagen if she'll have the time.

MP) Mentioned that Judy has offered to work on grants as she has written a few in past. Eleanor commented in previous email that she has not worked on grants but she could offer help with writing. Funding IGM could go after includes: Ideal Community Service Organization, Crow Wing Power's qtrly Community grants. Even gathering a list of Grants that may be appropriate for IGM will be helpful.

TJ) If we have food suppliers that are larger grocers they may provide the POS tools for managing product.

JP) But that may require a 'trade off' in exclusivity, limiting what we can sell.

RK) Bemidji Co-op: good biz going. If we can't find a Gen. Mgr. here soon we could ask someone from Bemidji Co-op to ask for help/advice.

MB) There's also a Co-op in St. Cloud, maybe that would be a place to consult that would be far enough awway to not be competitive.

Group) Possibly approach the Pine River group (Happy Dancing Turtle/HUG/Other) about 'joining forces' to succeed for everyone.

Group) discussed a first BIG EVENT for recruiting Membership. When to target the date, the type of invitation, etc. We came up with mid-January as earliest we could possibly be ready, a food event, with a meeting regarding Membership. Other option is to send as email well before event - make it a status update and heads up about the event, and include specific survey questions.

RK) wants to have the Market open some Friday & Saturdays between Thanksgiving & Christmas to possibly sell the new products he has purchased for the Market inventory (Big Bafflers & Mountain House 'prepper' products). But need to decide days & times open, & spread the word.

TJ) Asked about making this an indoor/outdoor farmers market.

RK) Sure! But RK would not be the business owner, we'd need a board of Directors to take over the business and/or hire a Gen Mgr. to run the business.

Group) Discussed sequence of when to enter the Board vs the Gen Mgr vs the Owner

Meeting ended about 5:15 pm



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