Meeting notes-Sept. 15, 2014

Ideal Green Market meeting
At Ideal Green Market 3:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Co-op creation
    • Discuss goals with Nancy Cross
    • goals by next week’s meeting
  3. Recap Azure drop last Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m.

Meeting began at 3:10 pm

Attendees: Ron & Judy Kidder, John Ehlert, Melody Banks, Eleanor Rice, Mike Winkels, Mary & John Plein, Nancy CrossNew attendees introduced themselves.

Nancy Cross, Director, Brainerd Community Action, addressed differences between co-op and non-profit 501c3. The main difference is that to receive a 501c3 status, one must be a charitable organization. Cross reminded us that "non-profits can make a profit." But need to design themselves to be sustainable.

Discussed a for profit co-op, incorporated, with a board of directors; would be membership-driven, with different levels of memberships as decided by the board.

Cross shared example of another food co-op Articles of Incorporation, briefly going over the components that are required and made several suggestions to those at the meeting. Only this document is recorded at the Secretary of State. Nancy offered to write up a generic food co-op articles of incorporation for the steering committee and will bring it to the meeting at 3pm on Monday Sept. 22 to complete and prep for submission to the Sec. of State.

Cross advised that the more challenging document facing the steering committee members is writing the co-op by-laws. Cross suggested the steering committee members spend their time in next couple weeks researching and gathering ideas for writing clear, simple, yet comprehensive by-laws as this document will be used as a guide for governance of the co-op.

Eleanor Rice offered to research other co-op by-laws and will bring at least three examples to share with steering committee members for the decisions in creating by-laws for the Ideal Green Market.

Once the Articles of Incorporation are agreed upon and approved by the steering committee members in attendance, Cross will submit them for acceptance by the MN Sec. of State. Once this is recorded with the state, Ideal Green Market will be recognized as a legitimate business. While this process is going on - the steering committee members will be working on refining the by-laws.

Decision to target fine-tuning by-laws during meeting at 3pm on Monday Sept. 29. Those wanting to contribute to this process, please come to either of these Sept. meetings, the 22nd and the 29th.

Steering committee members intend to host a General Membership meeting in October about a week or two after sending the Articles of Incorporation and a draft of By-Laws to the Ideal Green Market contacts list of about 90 people who have indicated an interest in a food co-op at the Ideal Store. At that General Membership meeting board of directors will be nominated and elected. A first order of business at this general meeting will be the approval of the governing By-Laws and a registration of Members.

Next in discussion was the Azure Standard drop. It was suggested to change our Ideal Green Market drop time from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. as the driver has arrived earlier each of the two delivery dates.

Kidders are interested in purchasing a small selection of unique products, that have long shelf life, which could be purchased from them directly by people stopping at the Market during the Azure drops or during co-op meetings. One product they discussed bring into the store are "Bug Bafflers" which are mosquito net clothing-pants, shirts, hoods & gloves, etc.

We discussed our dreams for the co-op. One dream for Ron Kidder is to connect consumers to local growers. That is part of the work ahead for the steering committee, to put together a set governing documents and a business plan that will help this dream become a reality. Ron will also work on writing a Vision statement for the steering committee to work with.

As a grower herself, Eleanor really wants to know where she can sell her produce. She said she will talk with Louise Johnson of Grampa G's.

Meeting ended approx. 5:15 p.m.



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