Meeting notes-Sept. 22, 2014

Note: Articles of Incorporation have been submitted to the Sec. of State for Ideal Green Market Cooperative.

Attendees were Mary Plein, Dan Yavner, Nancy Cross, Judy Kidder, Ron Kidder, John Ehlert, Mike Winkels, Geoff Davidge, John Plein, Eleanor Rice. And a brief drop-in visit from Mary Brezinka, a curious local who may volunteer with the group in the future. We enjoy those visits!

Nancy Cross) Minnesota 308B Statute of Articles of Incorporation is the proper type for Ideal Green Market Cooperative. Cross led the group through completion of the Articles of Inc. application form. Also discussed sequence and resources for EIN (Fed), Sales Tax number (State), Employee tax #, etc. Steering committee members contributed total of $45 towards the $60 filing fee. Kidders will submit the final application and cover the balance of the fee.

Cross suggested the group start working on the co-op by-laws.
• Decide the number of board members we want
• classification of and benefits to members
• need a CPA

Dan Yavner) commented on Policy/Procedure and By Laws and short discussion followed clarifying which tool handles what. Yavner turned in a schedule to indicate his days available to help.

Cross)  explore on
• capital
• stock
• membership/patronage payout
• surpluses

Ron Kidder) commented on scenarios of plans & components handling capital plan.

Cross) will bring a few examples of By Laws. Eleanor Rice said it would be very wise to look over at least three examples for reference. Nancy Cross suggested a couple of our steering committee meet with someone in the know to cover the stocks share section of the by laws. We need a CPA who can consult the committee in the immediate future and in the months ahead. The group decided to work out some basic details of the membership definition and stock shares before Nancy comes back to attend another meeting. That will become the focus of the next weekly meeting. We thanked Nancy Cross for her help before she left.

Ron Kidder) updated the group - paving the parking lot may begin as early as October 1st. Ron will setup sawhorses to block parking on areas that need to settle. Please be aware in the weeks ahead.

Mary Plein) passed around the draft of an advertisement for IGM Co-op which will be placed in the GLAPA (Greater Lakes Area Performances Assoc.) program for 2015. Good comments and suggestions were shared for the ad. Plein will revise and return for next meeting. Ad is due Oct. 4th.

Geoff Davidge) talked about Seed Savers. He is getting more involved in the Seed Saver's program and will be a resource of that valued information and networking. Click here to see a Seed Saver's Program Resource Welcome message.

Group) talked about best day to hold a Farmer's Market at Ideal Green Market Co-op. Came up with Sat. AM or Tues Evening. Send us your thoughts. Maybe coordinate a work meeting at the Market for a Sat. then host a potluck. Food always brings people together!

Davidge) suggested going to local meat markets in Emily, or Shamps in Pine River. IGM has several local meat resources listed in our contacts list, ready for someone to make the calls when we get to the phase of purchasing inventory.

Mary Plein) suggested making a new sign for the market door stating "Opening Spring 2015" since the market's target opening date is May 2015.

Meeting broke up around 5:30 or so.



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