Meeting notes-Sept. 29, 2014

Attendees were Mary Plein, John Plein, Judy Kidder, Ron Kidder, Eleanor Rice, Melody Banks, Mike Winkels, Geoff Davidge, John Ehlert.

Meeting began about 3:10 pm.

Mary Plein)  Brought final draft proof of Ideal Green Market advertisement which is going into the GLAPA program for 2015. Click here to see the 2-color ad. The GLAPA 2015 season program will be red & black, should be printed soon. The committee extends thanks for time and donation contributed to this advertisement. The program will be in the hands of hundreds of people that live and visit this area. Learn more about GLAPA.

Eleanor Rice)  brought copies for each attendee of: ByLaws from Eastside Food Cooperative, sample 'Food Co-op Membership Structure' page from the Food Coop Initiative website and a list of terms and definitions. With the intention of beginning the discussion on deciding our own co-op's Membership structure. Group spent several minutes reading the materials. Comments were made on various components of the Eastside Co-op's by-laws. Mention of Nancy Cross coming to future meeting to help us with our by-laws.

Geoff Davidge) asked what Nancy is doing for us (IGM).

At the last IGM meeting, Nancy Cross helped our group complete the Articles of Incorporation. Cross then suggested our group read examples of other food co-op by-laws to prepare to create our own by-laws. Cross reminded there is plenty to do while waiting for approval of our Articles of Inc. Such as agreeing on our Membership structure and the stocks/shares figured out.

The committee wants to make the most of Nancy's time while she consults us through creating by-laws. So we asked what we could be doing to be prepared for that meeting. Nancy suggested - because these issues can take the most time to figure out and agree on - we read other food co-op by-laws, and get a grasp on how our own Membership will be structured, how we want to structure stock shares, etc.

Discussion continued regarding how much time and effort will be put on creating the by-laws. Davidge reminded group that the by-laws can be amended, so perfection in this first set doesn't have to be the goal. Particulars of the handling of by-laws and amendments were discussed.

Ron Kidder) commented on Managing Capital and mentioned various ways to calculate/allocate/account for Capital fund and patronage payouts, etc. Group discussed this for quite a long time - specifically whether this falls under governance or policy. As we learned from Nancy Cross, the by-laws will be the guiding document regarding governance, but the board of directors are charged with making policy.

Click here to read the Food Co-op Initiative 'Membership section' instructions. In this 88-page PDF document, the Membership section is pages 23-29.

A few of the group suggested they prefer a simple Membership structure with easy to understand rules, and possibly issue a Member discount card.

Ron Kidder)  since Mary Plein is covering secretarial duties, maybe someone else would be willing to step forward to mediate the meetings. Eleanor commented that she was making an effort toward that by bringing her materials for discussion and commenting. Kidder assured appreciation for Eleanor's contributions - both printed and verbal. And encouraged her to continue contributing.

Plein) suggested that maybe Nancy Cross would agree to be mediator at next week's meeting while leading us through the by-laws to create our own.

Judy Kidder) offered to ask Nancy if she'll be willing to do this and if she can make it to next week's meeting. (Note: Nancy Cross confirmed that she will be able to attend the Oct. 6th 3pm meeting and she will act as mediator to help lead the group.)

Plein)  summarized by suggesting everyone read the materials (identified earlier in the meeting) to prepare for next week's meeting when we dig into creating our own by-laws. Please come back with an understanding of Membership structures and a willingness to efficiently use the two hour meeting for relevant discussion and decisions.

Meeting ended about 5:05 p.m.



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