Meeting notes-Sept. 8, 2014

Ideal Green Market meeting
At Ideal Green Market 3:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Co-op creation
  3. Discuss a plan which includes
    •steering committee; volunteers and meeting schedule
    •election of officers; when is appropriate?
    •sub-committees; business plan, recruit members. marketing, events, Azure
    •goals by next week’s meeting
  4. Azure drop Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m.
  5. Tour of wild rice processor in Pine River. Any interest?

Attendees: Ron & Judy Kidder, John Ehlert, Melody Banks, Eleanor Rice, Mary & John Plein, Geoff Davidge and Mike Winkels. Later Bob Borun attended.

Welcomed the new attendees and we all introduced ourselves. Discussed why each of us wants to participate in getting a food co-op started here at Ideal Green Market. Many of us agreed on the need for more access to locally grown food and food products.

Plein asked group if Monday at 3pm would work for everyone to meet in the months ahead. All agreed Monday afternoons at 3pm works.

Discussed the need for board member volunteers with the skills to navigate the group through decisions about creating the co-op; such as make it a for profit vs. non-profit? Writing our By Laws, electing board members and officers. Conversation led to outreach and recruitment of volunteers.

Davidge suggested each member distribute info flyers. IGM has a 3-panel brochure, created by Plein so updates can be made easily. We are printing copies for folding and distribution in 20 different local Discover Racks locations. Kidders have donated the subscription cost for next 6 months. Kidders also donated ad space for Ideal Green Market in the upcoming GLAPA (Greater Lakes Area Performing Arts) program. Plein is working w/Kidders to create the ad.

Davidge also suggested getting on social media to attract awareness. Group thinking this may attract younger participants and volunteers. Banks volunteered to start a Facebook page. Plein offered to help with it. Eventually we may get into Twitter or something else, but for now Facebook is a goal.

Bob Borun, owner/operator of Borun of Nature, Pequot Lakes, came to the meeting to show the steering committee his food product, Chaga, in the hopes of selling it at the Ideal Green Market. He shared information and samples with the group and stayed on to listen and participated in the conversations.

Davidge suggested the group develop a timeline with goals identified for next several months. Below is the group's first draft, bound to be revised over the weeks ahead.

September 2014:
• invite Nancy Cross, Brainerd Community Action, to next meeting Mon 9/15
• get our brochures into Discover Racks
• begin a Facebook page for IGM
• setup Davidge & Kidders to blog on
• schedule & prepare for a general membership meeting (to elect board members and officers)

October 2014 - National Co-op Month:
• have a core values/mission statement written
• parking lot paving
• storefront renovation
• General Membership meeting

November 2014:
• board members making the decisions associated with creating the co-op

December 2014:
• board members making the decisions associated with creating the co-op

January 2015:
• hire a General Manager
• send business plan to State of MN for registration license as bona fide food cooperative

February 2015:
• proceed with tasks aimed at developing the business of opening the food coop
• wait for MN business license

March 2015:
• proceed with tasks of opening the food coop
• wait for MN business license

April 2015:
• proceed with tasks of opening the food coop

May 2015:
• goal of opening in May


Meeting ended about 5:20 p.m.



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