Please note that we have a sign up board in FRONT of the store on the Beverage cooler. Have a little time?  Jot down when you can come in and what you're willing to do.  We have need for short-time and one-time help (like helping with a chili lunch at the last market Sept 30, or building a shelf unit), as well as some on-going needs (like cleaning every other week, dusting food cans and shelves, helping process orders, etc.)

We're working on setting up a few classes this Fall/Winter so keep posted on that.  Maybe you want to share something you've learned by offering a class (60-90 minutes in length)?  Let us know by email (click for email) or call 218-543-6565 during open store hours.

**Did you know... Every time you use your credit/debit card at Ideal Green Market it costs the Co-op money?  It's amazing how quickly those fees add up.  We like to offer the convenience of this service to our customers, of course, but as member/owners we all can help reduce this added expense.  Consider using cash or check to help minimize these costs, especially through the slower months starting now through April. THANK YOU!

KUDOS TO US!  60% of our sales this year so far are from member/owners - that's US!  The balance of 40% of sales is from friends in the community seeking good, healthy, local food.  WE are doing a GREAT thing in our community!  Building up our local growers and food producers as well as making great food available to our community as well as to ourselves!  Pat yourself on the back!  We're making a difference slow but sure in impacting our local food economy!

MEMBER/OWNER DRIVE: YOU can aid in this process of building up our member/owner base by spreading the word and inviting your family, friends and neighbors to join in this vision to aid in keeping us ever-present and growing in this wonderful community!  More info to come about incentives and fun towards this effort.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!  We always enjoy seeing you whenever you make it in.
Pat, Barb & Teresa


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