Thank you for your purchase of an owner share for $100! So, is that it? What does it really mean to be a member-owner?

Together we make this co-op a success. It doesn’t end with our purchase of a share! It also takes our commitment to patronize regularly. As a guide, we member-owners should purchase $65 of goods monthly to keep Ideal Green Market moving forward.

Averages show about 50% of Ideal Green Market members patronized monthly over the past eight months, for an average of $54 per member.

On average about 62% of our monthly revenues are generated by members.

Our mission is to provide access to local sustainable & healthy food and products, and we do so through building community on multiple levels. The Board of Directors are working diligently to oversee the finances as we anticipate a slow-down in sales activity into the Fall and Winter seasons.

As we each do our part, we’ll continue to grow together, realizing the vision and mission from a solid base of community, knowing Ideal Green Market Co-op is meant to exist.


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