MEMBER-OWNERSHIP DRIVE continues through end of May. ANYONE who joins between now and end of May 2018 will get their name in a drawing in the month they join for $100 gift certificate. ANY current member-owner who refers someone who joins will also get their name in the drawing. We've done one drawing each month starting in January. Don't wait! Member-Owner application is available online or pick one up when you come in to shop!

Ideal Green Market Co-op now has 271 member-owners and counting! You still have time to join if you are not already a member-owner!  The Board's goal for this Membership Drive is to reach 307 by year's end. Bet we can do even better! :)

Another THREE Member-Owners joined this month and one of our members referred someone who joined so her name will also go in the monthly drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate the end of the month. Our special drive continues through end of May! 2 Drawings to go!


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