NEW and BACK IN THIS WEEK - Aug 9-12

* radishes
* bananas
* Medjool Dates
* wax beans & green beans (LOCAL)

* Ferndale Market:  ground turkey, smoked turkey breast, and turkey cranberry sticks back in.
* Kadejan Chicken (MN) Chicken breasts, thighs (bone in and boneless) and tenders
* Brakstad Green Acres (LOCAL-Pequot Lakes): whole chickens
* Patchwork Farms Pork (Nisswa): farmers sausage, summer sausage, maple breakfast links, pork chops, brats
* Fox Farm Pork:  bacon, brats, ground pork, tenderloins, breakfast links, chops
* Baca Beef: grass fed beef - mostly ground, roasts, sometimes T-bones, steaks (call and check)

* LOTS of local greens, zukes, yellow squash, peas, cukes, tomatoes, some herbs, green beans, wax beans, potatoes, Shiitake mushrooms

* FRESH ORGANIC BREAD - Positively 3rd Street Bakery in Duluth: 8-Grain, Wild Rice, Golden White Wheat, Sour Dough, Hotdog & hamburger buns, and ... NEW- Sunflower Seed Bread

* soup options (for those cool nights and anticipated cooler days)
* Primal Kitchen eggless mayo
* King Arthur Flour - sprouted wheat flour and unbleached cake flour
     (with a little cool-down maybe you're ready to do a little more baking)

COMING SOON (think gift giving):
* Swedish Dishcloths - sweet and made in the USA, 6 designs; cellulose/cotton dishtowels does the work of 17 rolls of paper towels, reuseable, hygienic, 100% biodegradable, Dishwasher and laundry safe up to 200 cycles!
* Market Shopping Basket - collapsible, sturdy lightweight aluminum frame and polyester fabric, foam handles. 17x11x9 in 3 color options. (Recommended by one of our members)

PRODUCE (organic unless noted):
* LOCAL leaf lettuce varieties, kale, romaine, endive, butter leaf -LOCAL (Merrifield, Pillager, Pequot Lakes)
* cauliflower
* broccoli
* beans- yellow wax and green LOCAL
* celery
* cucumbers LOCAL
* snap peas LOCAL
* Cabbage -green & red
* Onions - yellow, red
* vine on tomatoes
* Tomatoes LOCAL
* peppers - green & red
* potatoes - red, yellow, russet AND new reds LOCAL
* garlic- purple
* ginger root
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* yellow squash LOCAL
* Zucchini LOCAL
* avocados
* oranges - Valencia
* apples - Granny Smith, Braeburn
* Bartlett Pears
* Limes
* lemons
* cantaloupe
* watermelon -mini
* NUTS of all kinds, raw, some roasted & seasoned (Great options for you nut-lovers! :)  )

NOT SURE IF WE HAVE IT?  Call (218) 543-6565 and we'll check for you.

Have a splendid day!  See you soon!
Teresa, Pat, & Barb


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