NEW and BACK IN THIS WEEK - Oct 25- 28

* FRESH bread from Duluth later today (Wednesday)
* FRESH SCONES ON THURSDAY (10am) & FRIDAY MORNING! (may be some on Saturday)
* button mushrooms (anyone thinking Hungarian Mushroom soup? Yum!)
* Ferndale Market Smoked Turkey Breast (ever popular)
* Ferndale Market (Canon Falls, MN) whole turkeys (Frozen: 12-14 lbs, and 18-20 lbs) YOU CAN CALL & RESERVE THESE!
PRODUCE (organic unless noted):
* LOCAL leaf lettuce varieties
* tomatoes - LOCAL
* broccoli (MN)
* brussel sprouts (MN)
* cauliflower (MN)
* celery
* cucumbers LOCAL
* squash - buttercup & Acorn MN
* squash - Delicata, Spaghetti, & Butternut LOCAL
* Cabbage -green & red
* Onions - yellow (some LOCAL), red
* shallots
* peppers - green & red
* mushrooms - button
* potatoes - russet AND reds LOCAL
* garlic- hardneck MN
* ginger root
* red beets MN
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* Zucchini LOCAL
* Bosc Pears
* oranges - Valencia
* apples - Granny Smith, Redfree MN, Paula Red, Haralson - LOCAL
* grapefruit - Star Ruby
* grapes - red seedless
* lemons
* limes
* frozen bananas (great for banana bread, pancakes, muffins)
* medjool dates
* NUTS of all kinds, raw, some roasted & seasoned
* carob spirulina energy chunks - bulk (made with dates)
* more collapsible market shopping baskets (turquoise now available)
* attachable pour spout (put on pan or bowl and pour away!)
* roast risers - set of push-pin type "feet" for your ham, roast, etc. COOL!
* vintage crinkle cutter
* Horse Art Deck of Cards - LOCAL PILLAGER ARTIST
MEMBER-CREATED: art - pottery, jewelry, seasonal wall decor, notecards, mosaics, and also vendor food gift packs
BOO! - DON'T BE SCARED! Come on in! We won't bite... promise!
See you soon

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