NEW on Fridays, Fresh-made Scones from...

NEW NEW NEW! FRIDAY'S Fresh-made Scones from Stone House Coffee!  LIMITED SUPPLY!

FRESH BREAD from Positively Third Street Bakery arrives today (afternoon):  Wild Rice, 8-Grain, Northern Flax, Golden White, Sour Doh, Buns - hotdog & hamburger

   FRESH SANDWICHES:  Ferndale Market turkey salad (made in-house thanks to Pat)
   SALAD:   Potato AND also Broccoli-Grape-Onion with Toasted Sesame Ginger dressing! YUM!
   and the usual beverages, chips, snack goods, CHOCOLATE! Ice Cream Treats!


More Kadejan (MN) Chicken and Ferndale Market (MN) turkey in next week.


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