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PRODUCE (organic unless noted) - It's a RAINBOW of Goodness!
* romaine (local Pine River)
* Butter Leaf Lettuce (LOCAL Pine River)
* kale
* Red Chard
* Cabbage -green & red
* Microgreens (LOCAL)
* Celery
* Tomatoes
* Broccoli
* Brussels Sprouts
* cauliflower (some chopped)
* Cukes - regular
* radishes - Watermelon, Easter Egg
* Fennel
* leeks
* Portabella Mushrooms (WISCONSIN)
* Onions - yellow, LOCAL red (Northwoods Organics), Cippolini
* shallots
* peppers - green, red & Baby Assorted Colors in packs
* potatoes - LOCAL Satinas & Mondak Gold (red with yellow pulp) (Northwoods Organics), Russets (mid-west)
* squash - butternut, LOCAL Hoikkada Blue (some chopped and ready to use for roasting / soup making)
* garlic-  hardneck  MN
* ginger root
* root Veggies Soup Mix - GREAT FOR ROASTING TOO!
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* avocados
* oranges - mandarin, & naval
* apples - Granny Smith, Pink Lady
* Meyer lemons
* limes
* Grapefruit - RioStar
* yams
* medjool dates

LOCAL Grass-fed beef; pasture raised heritage pork (Patchwork Farm) & Fox Farm Pork - all kinds of cuts, brats and sausage, local poultry and MN poultry (chicken and turkey), wild caught salmon.

NUTS & SEEDS of all kinds - some raw, some roasted and seasoned

REMEMBER we have Seed Savers Exchange seeds now available!  Some of you are even starting tomatoes and peppers soon!  2017 Seeds remaining at "Buy One, Get One" and LOTS of 2018 seeds,  including some seed kits in tins - makes a lovely gift, even for kids!


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Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit 501(c)(3) status organization dedicated to saving and sharing seeds.


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