• Cascadian Farms cereals (Cinnamon Crunch, Vanilla Almond Granola, Fruitful O's)
  • Natures Path cereals (Corn Flakes, Crisp Rice - you could make crispy bars with the marshmallows we now have)
  • Dandie Marshmallows
  • Annie's Graham Crackers
  • (and we have great chocolate so you can make s'mores!   )
  • Cento Italian Tomatoes
  • Wilderness Family Naturals - coconut flakes and coconut milk
  • Numi Tea - Mixed Variety Pack
  • Whole Grain Milling - Corn Tortilla Chips (Welcome, MN) - they're back!
  • DAIRY - cheeses, milk - whole, 2% and lactose free, whipping cream, butter, yogurt - non-fat to whole milk, plain, greek and fruit, sour cream, cream cheese
  • EGGS - large and jumbo (from Scandia Valley Dairy - Brainerd), soon they're making the switch to non-GMO feed (not organic though grown in Browerville via Fox Farm Pork - very minimal chemicals used in growing the grains he's using for the layer mash - including eliminating soy and using peas with the corn) in order to lower the price a bit again. Hopefully you'll be OK with that.
  • FRESH BREAD in on Friday around 12:30pm - wild rice, whole wheat, bagels and buns too!c
  • SALE CART INCLUDES: nuts, some rice, Uncle Sam cereals, Pizzas in the freezer are 25% off

MOST of the new items in the cooler and on the shelves are suggestions from YOU!  So THANK YOU for letting us know what you want!  Gradually we are filling the shelves, adding shelves and before you know it we'll be fully stocked and open 6 days/week!  DANG! THAT'S AMAZING!

Tune in next week for BIG news!



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