NEW IN STOCK organic unless noted:


Food for Life Ezekiel Pocket Bread  (conventional)

* Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots in Ginger Beet and Classic Caraway (probiotic, 110 Billion CFUs of Lactic Acid Bacteria per "shot", 11 servings per bottle)  This is the same company that makes the Kraut Krisps we have in stock that have been popular.

     Classic Caraway is a flavor that is like a familiar hug.  The hard working probiotic cultures are paired with green cabbage and earthy caraway seeds for a smooth and tangy shot. Just what your gut was craving!

     Ginger Beet is a true specialty.  It combines the earthiness of beets with the fresh crisp zing of ginger. It’s sure to warm the heart as it revitalizes and as it revitalize the microbiome.

* Farmhouse Culture Classic Caraway Kraut -  Simple yet insanely flavorful, Classic marries fresh cabbage with crunchy caraway seeds for a snappy, tangy kraut unlike any other.  The most traditional way to incorporate fermented foods and probiotic benefits into your diet.

Blake's All Natural Chicken Pot Pie (frozen)

Amy's Black Bean Enchilada - vegetarian, gluten free

Earth Balance Mindful Mayo - vegan, plant - based, gluten free


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