NEW THIS WEEK, OR back in: Apr 25-28

NEW THIS WEEK, OR back in: Apr 25-28

* Pink Lady Apples
* Cauliflower
* Jicama
* French Breakfast Radishes
* Greens Chop Pack - mix of romaine and butter leaf (Veggy's Inc-Pine River)
* Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Rye Bread
* Maple Ridge Breads (LOCAL- Aitkin made with 30-70% ingredients w/in 30 miles of Aitkin) : Whole Wheat, Cranberry Wildrice, bagels
* Kevita probiotic beverages - Tangerine, Elderberry (new to us)
* Pamela's Gluten Free breakfast cookies - Ginger & Spice and Macaroon
* Earth Balance Mindful Mayo w/ olive oil (100% plant based - vegan, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, non-gmo)

* Alder Song Farm (Merrifield) lettuce and salad mix (in Thursday afternoon)

PRODUCE (organic unless noted) - It's a RAINBOW of Goodness!
* Butter Leaf Lettuce (LOCAL Pine River)
* Greens Chop mix (romaine and butter leaf) hydroponically grown (in nutrient fortified water) (LOCAL Pine River)
* Alder Song Farm lettuce and salad mix - greenhouse grown in the dirt (LOCAL Merrifield)
* baby leaf spinach
* Cabbage -green & red
* Celery
* Tomatoes vine on
* Beets
* Broccoli
* Brussels Sprouts
* snap peas
* cauliflower
* Cukes - regular
* radishes - French Breakfast
* white button mushrooms  (WI grown)
* Jicama
* Onions - yellow, red (Northwoods Organics), Cippolini
* shallots
* peppers - green, red, mixed color baby
* potatoes - LOCAL Satinas, reds (MN), Russets (mid-west)
* squash - butternut
* garlic-  hardneck  MN
* ginger root
* root Veggies Soup Mix - GREAT FOR ROASTING TOO!
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* avocados
* grapefruit
* pears - Bartlett
* oranges - Valencia & Naval
* apples - Granny Smith, Braeburn,  Pink Lady
* Lemons
* limes
* yams
* medjool dates
* frozen bananas


ZERO WASTE 2018 GOAL  - ALL shoppers: 5 cents off each item when you use your own containers with bulk goods. We sell re-useable bags, dishcloths, single herbs/spice jars with shaker lids.  You can also order full cases of your favorite goods or large bags of dry goods at a discount (SAVES on packaging).


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