NEW THIS WEEK, OR back in: Jan. 31 - Feb. 3

* GEOFF'S SUPER BOWL CHOP! (Heeeee's Back!)
* Red Beets
* Bosc Pears
* Green Cabbage
* Watermelon Radishes
* Knudsen Organic Tomato Juice
* St. Paul's Switchel - Haymaker's Punch
* Colombia single serve size (16 oz) -  Carrot Juice and Green Apple Greens Juice (in front beverage cooler)
* Yum Earth licorice (pomegranate and peach)
* Spry Cinnamon toothpaste
* La Preferida organic mild green chilies (canned)
* Kalona Whole Milk (half gallon)
* Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds in gallon size
* Fancy Pants Chocolate - turtles and poppers, and Valentine gift boxes IN FRIDAY AFTERNOON!

PRODUCE (organic unless noted)  10% OFF for members this week:
* Geoff's Super Bowl Chop
* romaine
* Red Leaf Lettuce
* Baby Spinach
* Cabbage -green & red
* Tomatoes
* mushrooms - button
* Broccoli
* English Cukes (or alternate)
* radishes - French Breakfast (VERY nice)
* Fennel
* Onions - yellow, LOCAL red (Northwoods Organics)
* shallots
* peppers - green & red
* potatoes - russet (Midwest) LOCAL Satinas & Mondak Gold (red with yellow pulp) (Northwoods Organics)
* squash - butternut, LOCAL Sweet Keeper, LOCAL Hoikkada Blue (whole & in sections)
* garlic-  hardneck  MN
* ginger root
* root Veggies Soup Mix
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* avocados
* oranges -  Cara Cara (sweet and juicy)
* apples - Granny Smith, Braeburn
* pomegranates
* lemons
* limes
* jewel yams
* medjool dates

ENJOY the Super Blood Blue Moon today!  ("Super" because it's low on horizon and looks bigger when rising/setting; "Blood" because it's a total lunar eclipse, and "Blue" because it's the 2nd full moon in the month).

See you soon!


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