NEW THIS WEEK or back in stock Dec. 13-16

Brussel Sprouts (try again)
smoked gouda cheese
Kalona Cottage Cheese
Doctor Kracker - Garlic Parmesan; Pumpkin Seed Cheddar; Crispbread Seedlander GREAT for Holiday snacking with cheese
Back to Nature- Rosemary Olive Oil crackers (nice hint of rosemary, not heavy)

Christmas ham anyone? we can order them from Patchwork Farms (few are in stock) - heritage pork, Nisswa.

PRODUCE (organic unless noted):
* Romaine
* tomatoes - vine on
* broccoli
* cauliflower
* brussel sprouts
* celery
* squash - butternut, spaghetti, Sweet Keeper, Hoikkada Blue, Sunshine  LOCAL!
* Cabbage -green & red
* Onions - yellow (some LOCAL), red
* shallots
* leeks
* peppers - green & red, Italian Ssweet Ancient (Bull's Horn) - AWESOME!
* mushrooms - button
* potatoes - russet & reds; and Satinas LOCAL
* garlic-  hardneck  MN
* ginger root
* root Veggies Soup Mix - great roasted or in soup or stew!
* carrots - regular and Rainbow
* avocadoes
* oranges -  Navel
* apples - Granny Smith, Braeburn, Honeycrisp
* grapefruit - Star Ruby & RioStar
* cranberries (fresh and lovely)
* Bosc Pears
* lemons Meyer
* jewel yams
* medjool dates
* dried cranberries
* raisins
* frozen bananas (great for banana bread, pancakes, muffins)
* NUTS of all kinds, raw, some roasted & seasoned - Pistachios newly added
* carob spirulina energy chunks - bulk (made with dates)


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