A note from your Co-op President

August 21, 2017
Greetings IGMC Members!
I just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU! to all of our faithful shoppers at the Ideal Green Market Cooperative. Your patronage has made a difference in our sales and our ability to juggle payments to vendors and pay our staff. I had asked for all of you to shop at the co-op and you have made this a priority in your budget.
Of course purchasing good wholesome food and beautiful local produce is an easy decision to make especially with the variety and quality of foods we have to purchase. I know I can make a difference in my community by keeping my dollars here in the community. I know our local suppliers appreciate the ability to do business here as well.
This area has been very busy this summer! The IGMC was open and did great business that week with coolers full of produce and shelves full of wholesome products.
I'll share with you a great salad I made recently using the beets and carrots in our cooler. I grated the raw beets and carrots and made a vinaigrette with some raspberry jam, a little cayenne pepper (you can omit if heat isn't your thing) a little organic canola oil, salt pepper, red wine vinegar and mint from my herb garden. This was my first time using raw beets. It was outstanding!
Thanks again for your support and see you at the co-op.
Bonnie Coffey, IGMC Board President

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