Notes - Community Meeting Jan 16, 2015

Ideal Green Market Cooperative
34988 County Road 39, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Located in Ideal Corners (CR16 & CR 39 on CR 39   /  218-838-6058
MISSION: To provide access to local, sustainable and healthy food and products.

at the IGM store

Approximate attendance: 35-40 (ages 2-91)
Facilitate by Barb Mann, Co-op Coordinator  /  Hosted by Kidders and Pleins

Welcome and Introductions made around the circle.

Recognition of Steering Committee Members noted and celebrated!
Thanks to Judy and Ron Kidder, Mary and John Plein, Eleanor Rice, Dan Yavner, Geoff Davidge, Megan Loukota, John Ehlert and others in and out providing input over the past 9 months.

Clarification of the vision to establish a food cooperative featuring local goods as much as possible was noted in brief.

Updates and explanation of what's in place to pass on to incorporating board for consideration and decisions including: articles of incorporation already filed, proposed by-laws, proposed budget based on pro forma, proposed membership structure based on a set of assumptions, and a proposed timeline. All was presented by BMann with clarification by RKidder.

Critical next steps clarified by BMann in establishing an Incorporating Board that would serve 4-6 months until such time as an annual meeting of members/owners would take place 2nd quarter per proposed by-laws (sometime in June 2015).  We  need a minimum of 5 maximum of 9, per the proposed by-laws, community members, of which John Plein and Eleanor Rice of Steering Committee are willing to serve.  Geoff Davidge suggested filling the board spots now with "vote" of those present.  Additional volunteers willing to serve: Jason Baca (local beef farmer & more), Vanessa Bye (CSA grower), Geoff Davidge (Steering Committe, business owner, past co-op experience, Crosslake Community Garden), John Ehlert (Steering Committee, long-time resident, leader), Dan Kayser (owner -Stone Woman Herbals in Pine River), Kim Larson (Crosslake Library manager, gardener), John Plein (Steering Committee, town clerk, web design & graphic design business), Eleanor Rice (Steering Committee, grower), Dan Yavner (Steering Committee, business experience).  Full slate of 9 members presented to group and approved to serve as the Incorporating Board.  First meeting set for Wednesday, Jan. 21, 6pm at the co-op store.

GDavidge nominated John Plein to serve as chair/president of the Board. Plein accepted, those present voted their approval.

BMann presented the proposed schedule of setting a Membership Launch Community Gathering date for mid- February.  Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, 6pm at the Ideal Township Community Center, if it's available (may have to share space with another meeting going on) was presented and agreed upon.

Five Task Groups were presented by BMann as additional ways for people to volunteer and be of service in development of the co-op and supporting the Board in efforts to research, gather information, and present options to facilitate Board decision making.  Task Groups include: Finance, Marketing/Promotion; Membership Development; Retail Store Logistics; Product Development. Those present were encouraged to sign up.

Celebrate!  We are ahead of schedule by 2 weeks with Board established!

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm. Many lingered to visit further.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Mann, co-op coordinator



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