Order early for discount on turkeys

Remember to place your turkey order (they're whole and frozen) to take advantage of the early discount. They begin arriving next week. A few of you have already placed your orders which is great!

FERNDALE MARKET (Canon Falls, MN) WHOLE FROZEN TURKEYS (10-24 lbs) 1st shipment received. $2.20/lb (correction).
You can still reserve one NOW at a discount - 10% off for members, 5% off for friends! THIS OFFER ENDS THIS WEEK. 2nd shipment of turkeys due next week.

Call in (218-543-6565) or email us.

Let us know your name / member or friend / and weight range you'd like to reserve. Bone in turkey breast (6-10 lbs, $2.99/lb) also available.

About Ferndale Market turkeys: "At Ferndale, we take pride in raising free-range turkeys the way nature and our namesake intended. Without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. Rotating them on acres of grassy pastures during the warmer months, exceeding many organic turkey certifications. And processing them naturally, without additives, and using only clean ingredients. No binders. No fillers. No saline solutions." CLICK ON: FERNDALE MARKET WEBSITE, for more information about them.


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