Press Release Jan. 23, 2015

by John Ehlert, Board Member-IGMC

Progress on Ideal Green Market

People who have been working to organize a co-op in Ideal Township have made advances toward that end. This group, which is organized as the Incorporating Board of Directors, has been given official permission from the state to operate a business in the State of Minnesota, has drawn up a set of by-laws to present to interested citizens for their approval, and has elected officers in the temporary board who can be held responsible for managing the organization of a cooperative business.

It is now legally possible to collect enough money to finance a co-op in Ideal. The first step in doing that is to have a meeting of possible members at which the by-laws can be approved and voting membership can be established. After that, members of our community will be able to pay a well-defined fee to get a legally sanctioned ownership in a Minnesota State certified business.

The Incorporating Board of Directors has submitted to the members for approval a Full Membership/Owner fee of $200. This one-time fee would entitle the owner/member to a vote on the decisions and elections of the co-op, and would include a 10% discount on purchases from the store. A Provisional Membership would also be available for $50. This fee would be applied toward the cost of a Full Membership, and would include a discount of 5% on store purchases.

Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ideal Green Market store has been suggested for the Membership Structure-Launch meeting for all of the people who would like to have a co-op right here in our award-winning township. With enough support we should have a place where we and all of the returning snow-birds can come and stock their summer pantries with healthy foods.



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