Press Release July 17, 2015 - Artisan/Craft Fair

An Artisan/Craft Fair will be hosted at the Ideal Green Market Co-op on Saturday, August 22, 9am-1pm along with the weekly farmers market

The wealth of creativity in the community and interest on the part of vendors has led to the short notice of hosting this expanded farmers market to include more artists.  Those who make their own artistic/craft products are welcome and can visit the website,, for information and registration form.  Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis and pre-registration with payment guarantees a space. The market is located in Ideal Corners at the juncture of County Road 16 and County Road 39 (next to the Old Milwaukee Club).

Co-op Coordinator, Barb Mann, says “though the market is focused primarily on featuring local consumable products, we also realize there is a wealth of creative talent in the area with people creating fantastic products. We want to be able to support those in our community doing great work, especially those who are re-purposing goods into new creations.”

The Ideal Green Market Cooperative is currently at 102 members and continues to accept member-owners as they build on the dream to provide access to local, sustainable and healthy food and products.  This member–owned, member-governed, for profit co-op will feature local goods with an emphasis on non-GMO, natural, organic and produced with fair and sustainable practices. The store will be open year-round to the public as well as to members. The benefit of membership is in owning and creating this local food system, and eventually receiving patronage refunds at the end of profitable years of operation.  Eventually classes will also be offered to the public that center around food related topics.

The farmers market is open to additional growers and creators/producers of value added consumable goods. Click to download Registration forms and information.

The farmers’ market is supported, in part, thanks to a grant from Crow Wing Energized. SNAP/EBT will also be available eventually as efforts to get the system up and running.

There are many ways to be involved with both the farmers’ market and the co-op. It’s about working together to create a more sustainable local food system. For more information, email Barb Mann, co-op coordinator, or call 218-543-6565.



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