• Juicey, flavor-FULL ruby red grapefruit!
  • Same goes for the Satsuma oranges (smaller, easy peel)
  • great avocados, purple daikon radishes, cauliflower (Thanks to Member Bonnie C. for sharing this great recipe for Curry Cauliflower Soup with raw cashews - which WE HAVE!), broccoli, carrots, pomegranates (I can show you an easy peel method to harvest the seeds - little mess, I promise!), Beauty Heart Radishes, red and green peppers-lovely!, bananas, and those oh so tasty d'anjou pears!  AND MORE!
  • Ideal Corners Pie Pumpkins grown by Jeff Feltman (Old Milwaukee Club owner/chef AND Co-op member) - white and traditional varieties. I cooked up some of the white pumpkin and will have pumpkin bars for sampling next week!  Come have a taste!
  • We'll have local hydroponically grown Romaine again - from a new to us vendor from Staples!  Woo hoo! It'll be in the cooler Wednesday morning! FRESH!
  • YOU SCREAM, WE SCREAM, WE HAVE ICE CREAM! - Aldens organic, non-gmo!  Vanilla Bean, Mint-Chocolate and BLACKberry! Can't WAIT to try THAT one!
  • We have Fox Farm bone-in half HAMS. Only 3 left! ($5.67/lb)
  • Rudi's Whole Spelt Tortillas - recommended by member Fran E.
  • Stone House Coffee Beans - fresh roasted daily in Nisswa!  WE have it in stock!

NEW in the store now:

  • Amber Ecker Herbals (Pine River) who was a regular Farm Market Vendor!  We have her sinus roll-on, a vapor rub, deodorant, lip balm and a face cream too!
  • Creekside Creations soaps (Pine River-Backus)

REMEMBER WE HAVE SEED SAVER EXCHANGE (Decorah, Iowa) seeds now in stock. TONS to choose from including flowers! (Yippee!). These seeds are considered rare and heritage varieties preserved over the years. Seed Saver Exchange mission since 1975: "to conserve and promote America's culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants."  They protect more than 20,000 varieties of vegetables and fruits by growing them, saving and sharing the seeds, and storing those seeds in their underground vault.  They rely on thousands of gardeners like us to grow and save seeds too!  There's even an "IDEAL" variety Green Bean! GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS!



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