Thanks to Volunteers

A few messages of thanks...

"I am so grateful for the diverse skills that are seen at the co op thru the volunteers. From keeping the website info current to stocking shelves and keeping the store and grounds clean. It has been my pleasure to meet so many people with so much to offer. Thank you."
 - Bonnie, VP of the Board of Directors

"Thank you Volunteers! We are so very grateful for ALL you do... for your regular commitment to aiding the smooth running of the co-op, support for us in our duties as staff, and lastly, and most importantly, for your friendship and laughter!"
 - Pat and Barb, your sales associates

"Hey Volunteers, You ROCK our local-whole-foods world! Thank you and see you at the Co-op."
 - Mary and John P., members & volunteers

Last Saturday's Pot Luck was a fun, well attended gathering from 3-5pm, with great appetizers, coffee and plenty of good conversation! Many of us took advantage of the extended open hours (until 5pm) and did some  leisurely shopping with nibble-bites in hand. Grateful to friends and members and especially volunteers, too, for being there!  For those of you volunteers who were unable to attend, please stop in and pick up your VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION goodie bag!


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