Volunteer at Co-op Grand Opening

We need volunteer hosts each day through the opening.

Duties include:

  • Help host our vendor demos/sampling
  • greet customers and answer questions
  • help with lunch service on each Saturday.  

We'll have two 4-hour shifts each day the Co-op is open.  Partner with someone, or volunteer solo.  This is an additional person to the cashier(s).  PLEASE let Co-op know which shift you can do. Call (218) 543-6565 or email.

  • Saturday May 14 (10-2 & 2-6)
  • CLOSED Sunday May 15
  • Monday, May 16 (10-2, 2-6)
  • Tuesday, May 17 (10-2,2-6)
  • Wednesday, May 18 (10-2, 2-6)
  • Thursday, May 19 (1-5, 5-8)
  • Friday, May 20 (10-2, 2-6)
  • Saturday, May 21 (9-1:30, 1:30-6)

Thank you on behalf of the Grand Opening Committee!


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