Volunteer help needed

Tomorrow - TUESDAY,  we have a large produce delivery coming sometime between 10-noon.  Geoff is on vacation so it's up to us to get it checked in, washed/prepped, priced and good to go for sales starting Thursday this week.  I will be at the co-op Tuesday by 8:30am as we also have our first class starting at 10am.

CASHIERING - Thursday this week is covered with MariBeth in early afternoon and Dan later afternoon-evening.  Joan is covering 9:30am-2pm on Friday.  If someone wants to sign up for Friday 1:45-6:30pm that would be welcome (I'll be there, too, of course).  Saturday, Jan 30 - I'll be there to cover whatever is needed.  I could use a break 1-2pm if someone could spell me for lunch that would be appreciated.

REMEMBER - There is weekly cleaning, hauling recycling and garbage to bins next door, and assisting with class set up/clean up per the class schedule that was emailed out just yesterday.  Shoveling is always helpful too in keeping our front entrance and delivery entrances clear of snow/ice.

I'll try and keep posting tasks that need to be done as I'm aware of them. We can always use help with promotions so if you can drop class fliers to area businesses/bulletin boards that would be great AND also check the Discover Racks for our brochures to make sure those are well-stocked as we have a contract for these being "out there".

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF/WHEN YOU ARE COMING.  I'm not always there on days we're not open or do not have a delivery.

Thanks much.

Barb (218-838-6058)



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