WANTED: local food growers for Farmers Market

Click here to download a Vendor Application, guidelines form.

Greetings Co-op Friends and Farmers Market Vendors!

You are likely busy making plans for growing/making and marketing your produce/product and we are thinking about you.  Ideal Green Market Cooperative, a developing cooperative located in Ideal Township and what is known as Ideal Corners.  We're in the middle of a strong local community and "resort town" and seasonal residences between Pequot Lakes, Crosslake, Breezy Point, and Jenkins. Year-round and seasonal residents are asking for local, sustainable, healthy food goods and products.  Our mission, at Ideal Green Market Co-op, located next door to The Old Milwaukee Saloon & Eatery, is to provide access to LOCAL, sustainable and healthy food and products.

YOU are "gold" to us!  We want to help grow your business and make our member-owners happy, along with many other residents in the community.  As a developing member-owned food co-op we welcome your partnership on many levels. This spring we are excited to host a farmers' market at the co-op. Saturday came up in our survey as the most desired market day.  Not only will it be a great opportunity for the whole community to meet local growers and producers of nature's bounty, it will give the overall success of the cooperative an initial boost while we build memberships and raise capital equity to stock the store/co-op with the additional bulk goods and basic products people want.

So, the Ideal Green Market Co-op Farmers' Market will be Saturdays, 9am-1pm from May 16 to Sept/October (weather permitting). That's a potential total of 25 market days. We WILL be open July 4th. The first four markets (May 16-June 6) will be free to vendors. After that it goes to $10/time, sorry no seasonal rate at this point.  We have a paved parking lot for setting up, AND we have indoor coolers & freezers to help store your produce/eggs/meats/etc. so you can restock with fresh goods as needed. We have an indoor restroom for vendors too, running water inside and electricity.

It is the Co-op's intention to potentially purchase goods from you as well, to stock the store and meet growing member-owner needs/wants. As we reach set goals, we'll open the store 1-4 days/week (Thursday/Friday-Sunday, May - October).

Not sure you can do one more farmers' market?
Talk to us and let's explore what WOULD work for you (e.g. consignment of goods in the store, advance customer orders such as CSAs for pick up at our site). Let's be creative together so we all win!

We are new and growing!  Take a chance with us for increased sales, fun, and expanding marketing opportunities!
Click here to download a Vendor Application, guidelines form.

Looking forward to a great season!
Barb Mann (for those of you who may not know me, I worked with the Pine River Market Square: farmers' & crafters' market for the past 6 years)

PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS YOU KNOW WHO MAY BE INTERESTED!  We're building our network!  Thank you!
Barb Mann,  Co-op coordinator

Ideal Green Market Cooperative
34988 County Road 39
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472



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