what's up and where we need help

Here's an update of what's up and where we need volunteer help.

We could use some cleaning Wednesday (Jan. 20) morning (8:30am before delivery hopefully OR early afternoon after delivery around 1:30/2)- sweeping and mopping kitchen floor and retail area floors.

Our UNFI delivery comes Wednesday (Jan. 20) it will be a bit larger. It comes sometime between 9am-11am.  Right now Sandi B is the only sign up at 10am. She's a pro at this process and can help train others in. This will likely take a few hours to process depending on how many can help.

We have 3 sets of metal shelving that need putting together for the cooler if someone is interested in that. This could be done Wednesday anytime between 9am-4pm.  We'd just need this done out of the way of delivery processing if done during the delivery time and processing.

Thursday cashiering - Dan Y is scheduled and MariBeth B can come 1-5pm.

Friday cashiering - Joan I. is scheduled 9:30-2pm  THERE IS NO PRODUCE DELIVERY this day. We've switched produce delivery to Tuesdays, enabling us to be more fully stocked by Thursdays.

Friday, Geoff will be doing some of his "chop" around 1:30pm if someone wants to come for training on that. Could plan on a few hours.

Saturday cashiering- I'll be here to do that.
Back to Basics event is in Pine River 8am-4:30pm. John & Mary P and Joan I will be there to run our exhibit table.

Our Produce volunteer, Geoff D, will be gone Jan. 24 - Feb. 7 so we need helpers to process produce when it comes and make some of his chop mixes for customers.

Next produce delivery is Tuesday Jan. 26, sometime in the morning (10-noon) and will need volunteers for this.

Hope you can help. Thanks!



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