A word from your board president

October 9, 2017
Hello Members and Friends of the Ideal Green Market Cooperative!
This has been a busy fall in our area.  We ARE at peak color!  I spent yesterday afternoon at Crosswoods enjoying one of my last golf outings with Tony and our friend John Pribyl.  The visual displays of color took my breath away (and caused me to 3 putt too many times!)
I thought I'd give you a little background about myself as I write to you and communicate my views about commerce and business in general.  After graduating from college, I taught special education for seven years.  After the birth of our second daughter, I decided to stay home and start my home daycare business.  Teacher salaries were meager then and staying home made a lot of sense at the time.  I did this until our youngest, Colleen could enter preschool.  I continued to teach only this time as a substitute teacher in our home district.  Then, through a friend I was connected to the world of health information management.  I worked for a company called Smart Corporation (now called CIOX Health) for a short time.  The company was growing quickly as the need to outsource help in medical records departments of hospitals and clinics was growing exponentially.  I started my own company in 1986, grew it to a regional company in medical records outsourcing and healthcare IT.  With over 100 employees in multiple states and the need to invest more money in the healthcare IT side of the business, I sold it to CIOX Health in 2013.
Today, when I read the business section of the paper, I have a new focus on commerce and how retail businesses are going to stay in business.  Many businesses have been acquired (just as mine was) and rolled into a larger company.  What's lost are the personal relationships with customers.  Call centers get larger and a computer takes your call or you are forced to communicate via a computer.  Try calling Target or Amazon and speaking to a person!  It just does not happen.
The articles about successful bricks and mortar businesses are all about how these businesses have responded to its customers.  When you shop local more often you are recognized and acknowledged and thanked for shopping at a local business.  Cashiers at Target have been primed to say 'thank you' but the key here is they do not know me.
I see the cultivation of relationships at the Ideal Green Market.  Pat, Teresa and Barb know who you are.  Often there are introductions made to other members in the store.  Personally, I've gotten to know more members just by shopping and being a volunteer. Oh and yes, there is always a thank you BONNIE!
The experience of shopping has to be just that – an experience.  The board, employees and volunteers are working to make shopping fun and exciting at the IGMC.  Gift items are available – beautiful jewelry, some made by board member Taren Saccoman.
Coming up are our annual Fall Fund Raiser at the Old Milwaukee Club on November 11.  We will have a lunch available and silent auction.  Gather your friends (and auction items) and get some holiday shopping done while you support the IGMC.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank YOU for your support of our wonderful market!
See you at the co-op!
Bonnie Coffey, Board President

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