Work Days scheduled for Co-op remodel

Greetings Ideal Green Market Co-op Members! Fall is in the air, the harvest is a-plenty, and Co-op remodeling is well under-way.

The Co-op Board (Jason Baca, Geoff Davidge, John Ehlert, Tiffany Elste, Dave Endicott, Dan Kayser, John Plein, Abbie Schramm, Dan Yavner) set up work days for both remodeling and additional projects as we move closer to opening. That said, we've scheduled some regular Work Days so you can plan and we can keep moving forward. It helps for us to know who is coming on which days, so please review the workdays below and contact us by email with the dates you can help, or call the Co-op (218) 543-6565. We realize that many of you work during the day time so, no worries. Do what you can, when you can (Saturday market help, donate goodies-including coffee-for market customers, serve on a committee, help with another event, etc.)


  • Sept 3, Thursday, 1-5pm (remodel work specifically with Ruth Nordstrom-contractor) Need 2 people at least to work with Ruth.
  • Sept 9, Wednesday, 1-5pm
  • Sept 16, Wednesday, 1-5pm
  • Sept 23, Wednesday, 1-5pm

Our remodel work is going well with phase 1 of plumbing done, and the plumbing wall is closed in.
Next tasks on list are:

  • build half wall around food prep area
  • install ceramic tile floor
  • finish plumbing and schedule final inspection to get food license
  • finish painting shelving,
  • clean refrigerator cooler and freezers
  • stain porch/deck and railing
  • yard work
  • foundation insulation to ready for winter
  • drain field/septic insulation in prep for winter
  • safety posts around well-head
  • interior paint to freshen walls
  • eventually setting up shelves and readying for inventory

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HARD WORK ALREADY and for your commitment to the vision/mission of Ideal Green Market Co-op! It's great working with all of you and not only are we about building a local food economy, we're building friendships and community!

See you soon!
Barb Mann, Co-op Coordinator



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