from your Co-op President

August 27, 2017
Hello IGMC Members,

At our last board meeting held in August, the board came up with four goals to guide us to end of year co-op sustainability:
Goals from the August 7, 2017 board meeting:
1)    Demystify the co-op and who can shop here – this will be done in conjunction with the Food Co-op Coalition through Region 5.

2)    Membership increase from 240 to 260 by end of December 2017 – Joan will make a graphic that states our progress to this goal.  It will be put in the co-op – get members to refer others to the co-op.

3)    August – December 2017 average sales per month $14,000 – ask members what products they would like as a way to respond to member’ product need and meet sales objectives.

4)    Products committee to introduce 2 new products per month.  This is in addition to new products selected by Pat, Barb and Teresa, promoted by our vendors.

To meet our goals we need help from everyone!  Your continued patronage is essential to our success.  In addition to this, please tell us which products we are not stocking that you would like to see on our shelves and in the refrigerators and freezers. Our products committee along with Pat, Barb and Teresa are going to keep the interest in the co-op high by offering new products each month. This will depend on your suggestions, suggestions from our vendors and our product committee.  Seeing new products will keep shoppers interested in the co-op and make it exciting to shop at the IGMC.

You can help us meet our membership goal by suggesting to your neighbors and friends that they become a member of the co-op.  Memberships solidify support of the IGMC and the co-op principles we established by becoming a wholesome and reliable food source to our community.

As we approach the end of summer, we will likely see a drop in the number of visitors to this area.  Those visitors have shopped at the IGMC and contributed to our sales.  Please continue to support the IGMC with your member referrals, product recommendations and your patronage.  Thanks so much and see you at the co-op!


Bonnie Coffey
Your Board President


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